About Turf Online

Turfonline combines the expertise of three of the largest turf growers in the UK with over 2,000 acres dedicated to turf production. Turfland Farms Ltd, based in Southport in the North West, Turfland-Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh, Scotland and Q Lawns based in Norfolk in the South East. The three companies now trade under the one name, Harrowden Turf.

The geographic spread of our turf farms is key to enabling an efficient nationwide delivery service and guarantees customers freshly harvested turf directly from the field to site.

The first of our triumvirate of turf producers, Turfland, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. The company started out as “Sussex Turf Suppliers”, in Hailsham, East Sussex to offer “instant lawns” at a time when the only turf available to buy in the UK was ‘sheep-grazed pasture’ with the precarious grading system of ‘weedy’ or ‘not quite so weedy’. Chris and Janet Watmore took eight acres of prime land: sowed, fertilised and mowed to create a high-quality turf and cultivated turf was inaugurated in the U.K.

The company went from strength to strength, and in 1979 the search for better pastures led to the North West of England and some of the most fertile land in the country. Perfect for the production of top quality turf the move necessitated a name change and Turfland was born.

In early 2013 Edinburgh based Stewarts Turf joined Turfland Farms Ltd. combining the companies expertise and product range. Stewarts Turf has been established within the turf industry since 1864, supplying Scotland’s greenskeepers, grounds­­men, landscapers and gardeners with the highest quality turf and turf related products. 

Q Lawns is part of a large food production farm in Norfolk and sprang into life over 20 years ago at a time when farmers were being encouraged to develop new crops and enterprises. The farm began life in 1949 when previously waterlogged land was drained by the War Ags and brought into production. In the 1980s, as well as growing cereals, potatoes and sugar beet, the farm boasted three dairy farms and a pig unit. However, by the end of that decade, livestock farming had become unsustainable and the decision was made to diversify into turf production.

Colin Brown, Q Lawns Farm Director has been instrumental in re-structuring the business and the move from traditional vegetable based and livestock enterprises to the turf. Q Lawns recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and in that time has embraced new and inspirational products such as hemp, Enviromat sedum matting and Meadow mat wildflower turf.