Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)

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Harrowden Rejuvenator Autumn/Winter fertiliser for lawn maintenance

Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)
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Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg) Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg) Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg) Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)

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Every lawn and garden out there needs to be looked after and maintained. Whether or not your turf is new or the garden has been there for years, you need to make sure you are feeding it the correct balance of nutrients. Doing so will ensure that it has the ability to stay lush, green and healthy through the year.

Harrowden Turf’s Autumn and Winter lawn feed is designed and produced specifically to help your garden stay healthy throughout the colder months. Balanced perfectly, our Autumn and Winter lawn feed fertiliser is exactly what you need to grow established lawns throughout both of these seasons.

Make sure that you apply the Harrowden Turf Autumn and Winter lawn feed after aeration or spiking your lawn to make sure that you get the very best effect. Also, we would highly recommend choose a time when it is forecasted to rain. However, make sure you avoid frosts!

What’s in Harrowden Turf Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed?

  • Nitrogen to promote leaf growth giving a lush, green appearance

  • Phosphorus to keep the grassroots strong and healthy

  • Potassium to help your lawn fight disease and increase its water absorption.

Harrowden Turf’s Autumn and Winter lawn feed is used by a large number of professionals throughout the United Kingdom. Each tub covers a total of 100 square metres and is able to last 3 months.

Our lawn feed is essential for keeping up your lawn care, keeping your garden strong and lush for much longer. Whilst grass blades typically do not grow that much during Autumn and Winter, Harrowden Turf’s Autumn and Winter lawn feed can help to promote improved root growth. This means that your grass stays robust and in good health, keeping it ready for the warmer months.

We recommend treating your lawn with Harrowden Turf’s Autumn and Winter lawn feed in late September or early October. First, make sure that you aerate the lawn and then, for the best results possible, ensure that you use a spreader with an adjustable application rate.

Apply the lawn feed evenly across your garden at a rate of 20g per square metre, either when rain is forecasted or when you are able to thoroughly water the lawn. Do not use or mow the lawn for at least three days after applying the lawn feed.

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