We all have cherished childhood memories, many of which we keep to ourselves or only ever share with those we love and trust. They are personal to us and we do not want them to be ridiculed.

As we move into adult life, we put away those childish times and fill our lives with responsibilities; and while that is all right and proper, isn’t it only fair that we leave a little time to remind ourselves of a more innocent time in our lives?

Beautiful UK wildflowers: Who could resist stopping for a few moments just to enjoy nature’s bounty?

There are so many reasons to have a wildflower garden, from the positive impact on the environment, through to using flowers for their scientific properties, but whatever happened to simply lying on the fragrant ground, staring up at the clouds and dreaming?

Grass strewn with wildflowers isn’t simply ecologically sound, it’s absolutely beautiful. It needs no reason to exist in our modern world more than the fact that it simply must. To spend an hour, or a whole afternoon, lying in the sun watching the clouds float overhead is the ultimate indulgence, up there with high-class spa treatments and luxurious cinema seats. Drift dreamily back to your childhood as you lie among bluebells, and imagine giant dragons chasing angels across the sky. Bring a book and fall into another world entirely, just like you once did.

Picture yourself on this simple wooden bench surrounded by wildflowers and soothed by the ambient sound of bees humming

Your enjoyment of a wildflower space need not be limited to those solitary hours either. Watch as your children play in the inspiring grass, marvel in the colours as butterflies dance in your garden, or simply look out of the window midway through the washing up and breathe out slowly. This is your home, why not make it your personal sanctuary?

After a stressful journey like this, who could resist spending time in nature?

Though the days may be taken up with an hour long commute through crushing traffic, hours spent in front of a computer screen, deadlines and commitments, a Meadowmat lawn will make those home hours a return to childhood.

Look for no other reason – the pure natural beauty is enough unto itself, simply as an indulgence.

How To Make Your Own Wildflower Meadow