With honey bee numbers in decline through loss of habitat, disease and pollution it is vital to support the efforts of beekeepers and support applied education and research. Last year Meadowmat and Enviromat suppliers Turfland did just that by joining the Adopt a Beehive scheme. Run by the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA) they have recently updated us its progress.

The Spring issue of Hive Talk, the BBKA ’s seasonal newsletter, reports on the importance of weatherproofing hives and reveals the positive results of a members survey which found that 70% took precautions to protect their apiaries from wind and rain damage and just 2% experienced any damage last winter.

The is also a convenient guide to help identify numinous types of pollinators from being mistaken for the honey bee including the mason bee, cutter bee, hoverfly and wasp.

Beekeeping is also enjoying a fair amount of positive media coverage at the moment. Featured on ‘Mary Berry Cooks’, and two other upcoming series, Martha Kearney’s bee-keeping year on BBC 4 and ‘The Science of Bees’ on BBC 2.

Hive Talk also includes research and training updates and information on the importance of honey bees as pollinators. It mentions the shortage natural meadow forage, something which our Meadowmat  – Wildflower matting can provide. 

BBKA also provides a North West Update with news from two adopt a beehive keepers in Lancashire and how they coped this winter. Caroline and Fred are clearly optimistic for the spring and summer ahead.

To learn more about Adopt a Beehive and the British Bee Keepers Association please visit their website: www.adoptabeehive.co.uk