At Meadowmat we are constantly designing and refining new wild flower turf mixes to suit all manner of different situations.  However, from time to time we come across a project with very specific needs, and for times like these, Production Manager Robert Allen has the ideal solution.  Bespoke Meadowmat. 

You Design It – Meadowmat Grows It

When none of the five varieties of Meadowmat will meet your needs, the team here are quite happy to help you design a bespoke product.

You might have a particular colour you want to include (or exclude); maybe you need your Meadowmat to bloom at a particular time of year; perhaps a species mix has already been specified by an ecologist.  Whatever the reason, Meadowmat can offer help and advice.

If you have an idea for a special wildflower mat – like this Passchendale Poppy Meadowmat grown to raise funds for our local branch of The Royal British Legion – contact the team at Meadowmat to see if they can make your dreams come true.

Terms And Conditions For Bespoke Growing

All we ask is that you order a minimum of 500 square metres of your personal Meadowmat and that you show your commitment by paying 25% of the cost upfront.

How Long Does Bespoke Meadowmat Take To Grow?

With wildflowers, to a certain extent, we are governed by Nature.  All of our products are grown out of doors, so no hot-houses, UV lights or climate control to encourage or force the plants into growth.  Different plant species behave in different ways and of course we can never anticipate what sort of winter weather we’ll experience in the UK….or when it will arrive! 

Autumn sowings tend to produce sturdier plants that are very likely to flower in their first summer.  Meadowmat sown in October is normally ready to despatch in March/April.

Spring sowings can be ready is as little as 9-10 weeks.  Again, that’s weather dependant.

Robert tells me that he always recommends autumn sowing if at all possible “Some seeds need to feel a good frost before they’ll germinate.  Autumn is when Nature sows wildflower seeds and having spent a lifetime in farming and horticulture I’m in no doubt whatsoever that working with nature gives the very best results.”

What Does Bespoke Meadowmat Cost?

Because it’s bespoke, the cost will vary between seedmixes.  Everything is dependent on the cost of the seed and whether or not you have a specific growing medium in mind. 

Having said that, Meadowmat will give you a firm price for the product BEFORE the work begins and that price will not change.  The only cost that may be variable is haulage.  Our parent Company, Harrowden Turf Ltd also reserves the right to make a maintenance charge if you delay delivery by two months or more.

For More Information About Bespoke Meadowmat

For technical advice – seedmixes, species, sowing time, flowering time etc email Production Manager Robert Allen

For prices – email your seedmix and quantity/date required to Kev Harden who will get back to you ASAP

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