Whether your vision is chic and minimalist or rambling and countrified, if you’re designing a new build house yourself, a green roof could be the perfect choice for you.

If you’ve chosen to self-build, the chances are that you’re a bit of a free spirit – you don’t like to conform and that’s why an off-the-shelf house isn’t quite your style. If you’re interested in creating a home that’s truly unique, consider the visual impact that a living roof could have on your home.

It allows angular or modern buildings to blend more seamlessly into the natural environment, adds a more visual layer of eco-friendly design to an environmentally friendly new home, and gives a contemporary twist to homes built along more traditional lines. Not only that, but installing an eco roof is a great way to help offset any environmental damage which your build might have caused – however careful you are, it’s inevitable that habitats will be altered or destroyed and there will be some disruption to local wildlife and plants on a building site. Your green roof will provide an additional habitat for birds and other animals, as well as more space for plants to grow, allowing diversity to flourish and putting much needed oxygen back into the atmosphere.

If you don’t fancy a living roof on your home but like the idea in theory, why not test the water by installing one on your porch, extension, shed or garden house? You can add interest and make your home more environmentally friendly without committing to the whole hog!

Is upkeep a worry? Let go of it; here at Enviromat, we’re also proud to offer green roof maintenance services, allowing you to get full enjoyment out of your sedum roof without worrying about keeping it looking good. 

If you’re interested in adding a living roof to your self-build, or you’d just like to chat about our maintenance services for your existing roof, give us a call today to see what we can offer you.