New Meadowmat Variety Available To Order Online

At long last our Cottage Garden Meadowmat is available to buy. We’ve been patiently waiting for the plants to reach a stage where they’re big enough and strong enough to be despatched to UK gardeners who like the idea of perennial meadow planting but want some brighter colours that are normally found amongst wildflowers.

One of the flowers in Cottage Garden Meadowmat 

Cottage Garden Meadowmat is a mixture of wildflowers that are native to the UK and some of their closely related cultivated cousins.

If you like cottage gardens as much as I like cottage gardens you’ll be intrigued by this type of Meadowmat. It’s the same format as the Traditional Meadowmat and the Meadowmat for Birds and Bees in that seeds are sown into a shallow layer of growing medium and then nurtured until they become strong, robust plants. As the plants grow, so do their roots. The roots bind together to form a strong mat that looks and handles a bit like lawn turf. The foliage is mown periodically to encourage the plants to become bushier and stronger – a bit like the “Chelsea Chop” favoured by some gardeners. When Meadowmat is despatched it has a strong covering of plants growing on a mat. All the gardener needs to do is unroll it onto prepared soil and keep it watered until the plants are well established in their new home.

Having established that Meadowmat is a quick and easy way to make your garden grow, lets look at some of the plants that are in the Cottage Garden Meadowmat.

In all there are 28 species of flowering plants and grasses. 30% of the seedmix is made up of some very pretty native grasses. These give a nice textural contrast to the flowering plants and go well in cut flower arrangements.

The flowering plants have been selected to give you colour from early spring, right through until the autumn. The year will start off in April/May with a flush of violets and daisies and a smattering of Meadow Saxifrage. As summer approaches the aquilegia’s will burst into flower along with tufted vetch, bellflowers, cornflowers, campions, ragged robin and thrift. A beautiful mix of pastels and brights. As summer reaches its height you’ll be delighted with colourful achilleas, good old verbena boneriensis and my favourite bee-magnet, vipers bugloss. Finish the season with autumn oxeye, scabious and knapweed.

White campion in my own garden

Here’s the seedmix for Cottage Garden Meadowmat. I’d love to know what you think of it. You can email me at or post a comment on the Q Lawns Facebook page.

I’m reliably informed that stocks are limited for this mix at the moment…so don’t wait too long before placing an order.

Detailed description and prices can be found here