Enviromat isn’t just for creating green roofs (though it does so very well). If there’s an area of your garden which doesn’t get walked on, Enviromat provides groundcover without the maintenance a lawn would require and is a far more appealing choice than paving or AstroTurf. Here’s why:

Why Use Enviromat as Ground Cover?

It’s a living product

Unlike many other low maintenance solutions to ground cover, Enviromat provides a natural, green, living carpet to outdoor spaces. Rather than damaging the environment as artificial turf does, Enviromat absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

Sedum makes great groundcover.  It’s beautifully textured and easy to care for.  It’s only disadvantage is that it isn’t particularly hardwearing.

It’s low maintenance

Many busy people shun a lawns or other garden plants because they will require mowing or watering, instead leaving their gardens paved over and mostly bare.

Enviromat allows you to create a green space whilst requiring minimal upkeep. Unlike a lawn, it never needs to be mown and its drought tolerance means that you don’t need to worry about it dying if you’re away for a while.

Since it only needs to be fed once a year, the amount of effort and expense to maintain Enviromat is minimal. The membrane and matting on which Enviromat is supplied prevent any weeds which are introduced from reaching into the soil. This means that in dry weather weeds will die out whilst the sedum plants survive.

It’s always changing

Artificial lawns, concrete slabs and even turf tend to look more or less the same as the weeks go by. Enviromat, on the other hand, changes throughout the year.

The Enviromat production field in April: covered in Meadow Saxifrage flowers

The eight different sedum plants making up Enviromat flower at different times: one week it may be covered in yellow flowers, the next pink and purple and white the following week – something which only living groundcover can achieve. In addition, the sedum plants themselves change from bright green in the summer to a reddish colour in autumn or if the weather is dry.

Enviromat in late May.  Sedum album and Sedum Kamtchatischum are in bloom

It encourages wildlife

The many different flowers of the sedum in Enviromat make it a favourite for bumblebees (which are at threat as traditional gardens disappear) and all manner of other insects. In addition, birds love to eat the seed heads from the plants once they have finished flowering and are also attracted by many insects to which Enviromat provides a habitat.

Bees and butterflies adore the star-shaped flowers of sedum plants.  This small tortoishell butterfly is feeding from a Sedum spurium plant in Enviromat

It’s easy to install

Enviromat is supplied in large rolls making it easy to lay out and since it comes with a lifetime of growing media, the site preparation before installation is minimal.