The growers of Enviromat sedum matting have published a new guide aimed at homeowners, garden designers, shed builders and landscape professionals who are thinking of installing a living green roof.

Entitled “designing for maintenance”  the guide is packed with useful advice on choosing green roof plants, the best depth for substrates, building strength, roof slopes,  and important maintenance issues.

Green roof maintenance should be a major design consideration

All green roofs need a modicum of maintenance every year.  The amount of work involved depends on a combination of the plant species in place, the weather, physical features of the roof and it’s general condition.  Ensuring that green roof maintenance is as simple and economical as possible is something that really should be considered at the design stage.

Designing for Maintenance has been compiled using experiences from Robert Allen, Enviromat Production Manager and Kevin Docherty, Enviromat’s green roof installation and maintenance man.  Kevin carries out green roof maintenance on all types of green roof, all over the UK.

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