Lovania Nurseries have showcased a striking display at the Southport Flower Show in Victoria Park which incorporates our very own Enviromat. We are delighted to share it with you as an excellent example of how you can use it for your own garden or outdoor space.

The Southport Flower Show is held each year in Victoria Park, Southport and is the largest independent flower show in the country. Famed for its beautiful show gardens, the entrants go head to head to impress the RHS judges each year and construct their garden designers in less than 2 weeks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see some truly extraordinary floral displays and workshops, as well as seeking inspiration that you can incorporate into your own garden at home. This year, we were excited to attend and check out all of the entrants’ stunning work. We are also incredibly pleased to see that our very own Enviromat sedum mat had been used by one of the gardeners. 

As you can see, Enviromat sedum matting looks wonderful on both a green roof, as well as on the ground. Lovania Nurseries have done a great job in successfully creating a beautiful display at this year’s show which showcases both of these aspects. 

The alpines, grown by Lovania, complemented the sedum and made for an excellent display. As you can see, our Enviromat sedum mat has been used as a ground cover and creates a very attractive and dramatic effect with the fine gravel. As a living roof also, they’ve shown that the sky really is the limit, from sheds, bird tables to summer houses – it works fantastically. 

If you’d like to create something similar to Lovania Nurseries or are thinking of creating your own unique design, you may want to consider using Enviromat as a cost-effective and convenient solution for ground cover or living green roofing. Enviromat is a low maintenance, easy-to-install soft landscaping material which can be used to create a whole host of effects including pond matting, green roof or grass area. You can learn more about how to prepare and install Enviromat here.  

As well as the many benefits to the aesthetics of your garden, Enviromat also allows you to create an environmentally-friendly roof for your home or outdoor structure that will encourage wildlife for years to come. Furthermore, by using Enviromat on your roof, you can save the costs of heating expenses as it helps to insulate your home in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer. Have you also considered using Enviromat matting as a living liner in hayricks and hanging baskets, adding to the overall look and feel of your garden? You can learn more about insulating your home with a green roof in the winter here. 

For more information on how you can use Enviromat sedum mat for your garden, quantities needed, pricing information and more, you can check out our useful guides or contact Turf Online today and we’ll be happy to help.