Green Roof Learning Wherever You Are

As an architect or garden designer, have you ever looked at a living green roof and wondered “could I do something like that on my next project?” The team at Enviromat may well have an answer for you.

National Sales Manager at Harrowden Turf Ltd, Chris Carr, currently offers a 60 minute CPD presentation on designing and specifying green roofs – and it’s free.  All you need to do is supply the audience and the venue.

What does the CPD Presentation cover?

The importance of living green roofs

Environmental, social, economic and aesthetic reasons for including more plants into any project. 

Combining engineering with ecology

Ensuring that the building is able to support plant life and that the plants provide sustainable benefits to the building and its occupants.

Sustainable planting

Using the most suitable growing medium and selecting the best plant species for your project.  The course specifically discusses sedum roofs and wildflower roofs but if you have any questions on other planting schemes, the presenter will be able to answer your questions.


How to keep maintenance costs to a minimum without compromising the green roof in any way shape or form.

Who should attend this course?

Architects, landscape architects, developers, planners, garden designers and landscape contractors – in fact anyone who is involved with the design and construction of living green roofs.

CPD accreditation

This course has been approved by the CPD Certification Service

How to book a CPD presentation for your organisation

In the first instance, contact Chris Carr at Harrowden Turf Ltd.  Let him know whereabouts in the UK you are and what your preferred dates/times would be.   Chris will discuss your CPD training needs and after agreeing a date, time and venue, select one of his team members to deliver the presentation to you.

You can be assured of an informative and entertaining presentation where all of your questions will be answered.  There’ll be samples of plants and growing materials for you to examine and learn about, resources to take away with you and of course contact details should you have any questions after the event.

Contact Chris Carr

By email

By phone  01842 826402