The Sandringham flower show is held every year in the grounds of The Queen’s home in Norfolk. This year, the Large Gold Medal was won by Thistlefield with a garden featuring Enviromat Sedum Matting.

Paul and Honor Welford of Thistlefield plants and design are no strangers to exhibiting at the Sandringham Flower Show. They have built show gardens at the show for the past 8 years. in that time they won four best in show awards and three people’s choice awards.

The best thing about Paul and Honor’s gardens is that they are achievable and affordable. So many show gardens are stunningly beautiful but financially out of the reach of 99.9% of their admirers.  Paul and Honor have innovative and original ideas for using readily available and recycled materials. They grow their own plants to keep costs down and encourage others to do the same if possible.

This year’s Sandringham garden won a Large Gold Medal and was greatly admired by show visitors. So much so that Thistlefield have been asked to build gardens for HRH Prince Charles for each of the next three shows.

A simple garden design trick

The show garden demonstrated how a long thin garden can be made more interesting by dividing it into smaller sections. In this garden, there are three garden rooms separated by recycled stained glass windows and commercially some interesting metal fencing.

enviromat ground cover

In the third garden room, a seating area is cocooned by the bank of Enviromat sedum matting. This is a very low maintenance area but at the same time, it is neat, restful and very attractive to insects. Using sedums and other succulents mean that it is drought tolerant too.

enviromat green roof

Last year’s show garden from Thistlefield Plants and Gardens also featured Enviromat – this time it formed a living green roof above a carport. In 2018 Paul and Honor have demonstrated that Enviromat is not just for green roofs, it’s great for alternative lawns too.  We’re loving their work!

Building the Sandringham Show Garden

Last year’s show garden featuring Enviromat sedum matting

How to use sedum matting for groundcover