We’re very lucky people, here at Enviromat; not only do we get to spend our days working with a superb product, our range of living green roof matting – we also get to see it feature in some fabulous garden exhibits at the big garden shows. However this year we decided to seize a last-minute invitation to exhibit our sedum-based green roofing ourselves.

Now, when you’re at a garden show and wondering what to look at you’ve often got three choices – you can meander around the fully laid-out garden designs, you can browse the seeds and plants section, or if uninspired by any of those there’s always the “Bits and Bobs” section (tools, equipment, family-size hammocks and biodegradable gnomes, etc). 

However, we like doing things differently. Why else would we encourage people to plant gardens on top of roofs? So at this year’s RHS Hampton Court show we aimed for all three with our first ever trade display – design, plants, and a little bit of ‘bits and bobs’ as well. 

And it worked – we were awarded a prestigious 3-stars for our hard work!

But what really thrilled us was the response we got from the general public. Throughout the four-day event there were people several layers waiting patiently to ask questions and take away leaflets. 

The funny thing is that, having never actually intended to offer a trade stall, we knocked ours together in under 4 weeks from start to finish – and with none of your computer-generated design software, construction companies and multi-thousand pound budgets that some exhibits require. So what drew so much attention – and why was it so positive?

The answer lies in simplicity. 

We wanted to show samples of all our products in situ, and the best way to do this was with a really simple layout as you can see from the photos. An inviting sweep of lush lawn lured visitors to the swathe of wild flower meadow all around them.  And finally their eyes were drawn to a wonderful spread of sedum roofing looking absolutely fantastic in the summer sun.

You might think it’s a bit cheeky to base an entire garden design on just three components, but people seemed to love it. And they loved even more the news that it was so easy to achieve in a small corner of any garden. 

“But hold on a moment! You’ve got the layout design, and you’ve got the plants – but what about the ‘bits and bobs’?”

Ah, well … we needed an imaginative way to present our Enviromat sedum roof matting; so we asked a friendly carpenter to build us simple, small wooden chicken house – our own “bit-and-bob”.  And to judge by the response it got, we could have sold it (plus its sedum roofing) many times over! 

So, neither the judges nor the general public needed any convincing of the values of simple, natural ingredients in today’s gardens. And although we cannot, sadly, provide the hens or the hen house, if you fancy being creative with some wonderful living green roof in your garden, we certainly can help you! Why not take a closer look.