This week’s blogpost takes a look at some of our favourite wildflower projects from recent years.  Some, but not all are what have been created using Meadowmat.  All of them are lovely and we hope you’ll find them inspirational.

The header picture for this blog was taken at The Bird Fair in Leicestershire in August 2015.  Meadowmat for Birds and Bees was installed in planters on Simon King’s stand.  Simon wanted to demonstrate how wildflowers help wildlife.

Traditional Meadowmat In St James’ Park, London

A beautiful display of wildflowers that has been enjoyed by thousands of people.

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Private Garden In Essex

October 2016: This Meadowmat was laid by Holland Landscapes in a private garden in Essex.  As you can see, there is still some work to be done on the paving and the surrounding areas but come next spring it’s going to look amazing!

Low-Maintenance Garden In Norfolk

The designer’s brief for this garden was to make it look natural whilst being low maintenance, wildlife friendly, floral and green.
Shadow Hall from Hall Landscaping did a great job of it and chose traditional Meadowmat to create this swathe of wildflowers.  This meadow will need cutting once a year and because its made using perennial plants, will grow back year after year after year.

Eden Project, Cornwall

Banks of wild flowers on the approach to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Not Meadowmat but still absolutely stunning.  Those structures on the top of the bank are beehives.  Lucky bees to have all that foraging literally on their doorstep.

2012 Olympic Meadows

Is this what triggered the revival of wild flower gardening in the UK?  This picture was taken in the Olympic Park, London in 2014.

These plants area annuals, which means they’ll need to be reseeded every year.  But my goodness they’re stunningly beautiful!

Last But By No Means Least…

This is my favourite wildflower project of all.  Lenny is posing in the Meadowmat production fields.  Growing Meadowmat is an ongoing project…we’re forever trying to develop more interesting mixes and different types of Meadowmat so that you can easily bring wildflowers into your own projects.

Here are the different types of Meadowmat that are currently available

What is Meadowmat and how to lay it – watch the video