Growing Wildflowers In The Garden

I’m passionate about growing wildflowers in my garden.  They’re great at attracting wildlife, they’re robust and easy to care for and they’re pretty.

I have oxeye daisies, cowslips, foxgloves and campions amongst the flowers in my herbaceous border.  I also have a mini-meadow beside the chicken run.

Mini Wildflower Meadow In Surrey

It’s always great to hear other people’s experiences of growing wildflowers in a domestic setting so it was fantastic to recieve this picture from Paul Devlin.  Paul is from Wokingham in Surrey.

On 25th June 2014, Paul wrote to tell me about his wildlife garden

“We ordered 6m2 of Meadowmat wildflower turf in March and we’re very happy with it.  Ordering was very straightforward and delivery was on time on the day we selected.  

We put the turf around the back edge of our new wildlife pond and it did the job we wanted perfectly.  The turf was easy to cut with a knife but strong enought to overlap right over the edge of the pond to hid the lip of the liner.  It rooted in without any trouble and it’s now grown tall enought to hide a low brick wall retaining a flower bed behind the pond.  

So far we’ve had the pinks of ragged robin and clover and the white and yeallow oxeye daisy and everything blends in well with the plants we have at the edge of the pond.  Our cat did pick up a couple of ticks when I first put the turf down but this hasn’t been a problem since.  I’ve also had to hid a few short bamboo canes in amongst the grass to stop our cat flattening it down and lying on it in the sunshine but this seems to have solved the problem.

One point worth mentioning is that the rolls are 2m2 so they need two people to move them.

How To Make A Wildflower Meadow In Your Garden

It’s relatively easy to create a wildflower area like Paul’s.  Wildflower turf can be bought online and simply unrolled onto well prepared ground.  A word of warning though – wild flowers really don’t do well in “good” soil.  It’s important that wild flower turf is laid onto soil that is low in nutrients.  Too much Nitrogen and Phosphate will ensure that weeds and grasses grow too fast and smother the wildflowers.

Here’s a useful video to show you how to lay wild flower turf.