Harrowden Turf, the growers of Enviromat sedum matting have produced a downloadable Green Roof Growing Guide.  The guide is completely free of charge and looks at designing and installing a green roof that will last for years and give maximum benefits to the building, its occupants and the wider environment.

A green roof needn’t cover the whole building, this green roof atrium is a fabulous feature on this property.  The house walls are constructed from hemp and energy is generated from solar panels. The living roof is an added environmental extra.

Why is green roofing important?

Green Roofing is one of the 21st century’s best solutions to coping with climate change.  Properly installed and maintained, a green roof can support wildlife, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, filter pollution from the air and insulate a building against heat and cold.  Green roofing also helps to tackle the urban heat island effect, potentially keeping our towns and cities much more comfortable for living and working in.

These houses would benefit from living green roofs – a green roof insulates against noise as well as heat and cold.

What is a green roof?

A green roof is essentially a layer of plants growing atop a building.  Any building from a garden shed to a domestic home to a warehouse is a potential candidate for a green roof, but unfortunately not every building is suitable for every type of green roof.

Understanding the conditions that plants need to grow means that a solution can be found to most green roofing conundrums.  The main ones being the challenge of accessibility, working at heights and having a finite depth of growing medium.

What makes a green roof successful?

Whatever the reason behind wanting to grow a green roof, its success depends almost entirely on the design.

Choosing the correct green roof system for the building and its occupants; picking the right plants and having a manageable maintenance regime are all things that need to be thought about at the design stage.

Free Guide

This free Green Roof Growing Guide from Enviromat explains the principals of green roofing and helps you to design a green roof that suits your needs – and the needs of the building, the plants, the environment et all.

Contact us today to get your free copy – you will be asked for your email address but don’t worry, we’re not in the habit of bombarding people with spam and we certainly won’t pass your details on to anyone else.