Green Roofing Just Got Easier

Q Lawns, the growers of Enviromat sedum matting have introduced a new online product that will make sourcing and ordering green roofing materials a whole lot easier.

Enviromat sedum matting has always been easy to install, but for the untrained buyer, working out which of the layers are needed, which are not, and what the final cost will be has, in the past, been a little complicated. 

For that reason, Q Lawns have introduced Green Roof Kits.  Each kit contains the right quantity of the right materials to create a sedum roof on either a pitched roof or a flat roof.   All the buyer needs to do is measure the roof, decide whether it is flat or sloping and click on the green roof kit that’s the right size.  Simple.  All of the components are tried, tested and subject to Production Manager Robert Allen’s rigorous standards of quality control.

sedum roof is not only a beautiful adornment to a garden building, a porch or an extension; it’s a practical one too.  It will double the life of the waterproofing, insulate against heat, cold and noise, help manage rainwater and, very topically, provide a rich source of food for pollinating insects such as butterflies and bees.

Provided that the building is good and sturdy and the waterproofing is in good order, a sedum roof can normally be installed in a matter of hours and, with a simple maintenance regime, will stay beautiful indefinitely.

The Enviromat green roof kits are competitively priced and come complete with an instruction sheet and the support of the technical team at Q Lawns.

More Details About Green Roof Kits

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