Three Counties Garden Buildings are offering living green roofs as an option on their range of garden buildings.

Living Roofs for Garden Sheds in Enfield and North London

A green roof is a wonderful addition to any shed, playhouse, summerhouse or garden office and is particularly important in urban areas. The UK desperately needs more green plants. They help to filter harmful pollutants from the air, they increase biodiversity and they produce oxygen for us to breathe. In short, green plants are essential to live.

Why put a green roof on a shed?

Aside from the benefits to the environment, there are many reasons for putting a green roof on your shed. Here are just a few:

It’s cool

A green roof on the outside will help cool the inside of your building on hot days. Plants use a process called evapotranspiration to cool their surroundings so they don’t cook. A summerhouse, shed or garden office with plants growing on the roof is far more comfortable to sit (or work) in than one with a standard felt or shingle roof.

It’s hot

In winter time, a green roof will insulate a garden building against the cold and help keep it warmer for longer. The benefits for a garden office are obvious (lower heating bills) but for a storage shed, it could help prevent the contents being damaged by frost. I

It’s lovely

Whether you like strong, contemporary lines or soft flowing curves a living green roof looks just lovely. It can turn a boring expanse of roofing felt into something that has all year round interest. A real show-stopper

It’s eco

The term “eco” comes from the greek word for home and a living green roof will soon become home to many beneficial insects. Butterflies and bees will visit the flowers for food, minibeasts will live amongst the plants and will in turn become food for visiting birds. It’s interesting to watch and it’s great to know that you’re giving Mother Nature a hand.I

It’s an investment

A green roof, just like any “green” feature adds value to a property. It will also make the waterproofing on your shed last longer, saving on long-term maintenance costs.

It’s green

Saving on fuel, absorbing CO2, filtering air pollutants, helping wildlife. Everything about a green roof is well….green

How to put a green roof on your shed

It’s not difficult to put a green roof onto a garden building, particularly if you use Enviromat’s simple matting system. It’s just a matter of being confident at DIY and at working at heights.

Where to buy a shed with a green roof

North London –Three Counties Garden Buildings is based at Crews Hill, just outside Enfield and an easy walk from Crews Hill train station. The road that Three Counties sits on is well worth a visit for anyone with even just the slightest interest in gardening. Within a stones throw of Three Counties Garden Buildings are several garden centres, each with a different speciality. Turf and topsoil, aquatics, plants, hard landscaping – you name it, you’ll find it here.

Norfolk – Crane Garden Buildings near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. If you’re looking for style and quality you’ll find it here. Crane Garden Buildings are made in Norfolk and on display at show sites in Norfolk, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire

DIY – Order a green roof kit from Enviromat and create your own living roof shed: