GRO stands for The Green Roof Organisation.  The Green Roof Organisation is an independent organisation for manufactures and installers of green roofs in the UK.  The organisation provides their members with guidelines for good green roofing practice.  It also expects members to supply products and services that are suitable for the job.

GRO: What is it and do you need it?

Members of the Green Roof Organisation are entitled to display the GRO logo.  It’s a useful way of differentiating between reputable businesses whose staff are properly trained and Companies who think they know what they’re doing.

However, just because a green roofing supplier doesn’t display the GRO logo – it doesn’t mean that the Company cannot be trusted.  Talk to the Company’s representatives – do they know their stuff? Read reviews – what do other people think of their products and services?  Are they aware of the green roof code? Do their products comply? 

Green Roof Code for the UK

In 2011, the GRO published the first edition of the Green Roof Code for the UK.  The Code was revised in 2014 and may be freely used by any interested parties.

The Green Roof Code for the UK was written by a team of unpaid technical advisors from across the UK green roof industry.  It is not biased towards any type, style or manufacturer of green roofs and uses plain English so anyone can understand it.

What’s in the Green Roof Code for the UK?

The green roof code for the UK is packed with all sorts of valuable information and advice for specifying, designing, installing and maintaining living green roofs.  It talks about structural requirements, drainage, fire, substrates and irrigation and all other aspects of green roofing.

Whether you are planning a wild flower green roof on your garden shed or a sedum roof atop a large building you really should download and read the green roof code.

If you have any questions about Enviromat sedum matting or Meadowmat Roof and Garden wild flower blankets and their use on green roofs, please do get in touch