Wildflower meadows are not the only way to help British wildlife. The Directors of Shrubhill Farms, (where Meadowmat wild flower matting is produced) also own over 40 Hectares of mixed woodland and several miles of hedgerows across their two farms in Norfolk and Northamptonshire.  On the Norfolk farm alone, there are 30 miles of dykes and drains making major wildlife corridors.

Director Fred Hilsdon and his dog Bramble came across this delightful scene whilst walking on their farm in Northamptonshire.  Without careful management of the woodland, this would soon look very different indeed.

Woodland management at Q Lawns at Harrowden involves:

  • Removing excess ivy to protect larger trees such as oak and ash (we leave some ivy as it’s a valuable source of pollen and nectar in the winter time.
  • Felling dead trees to make room for new plants to grow
  • Planting evergreen fruiting shrubs such as holly and laurel to provide winter food and year round cover for insects and birds
  • Replanting of hedgerows around woods so that they become peaceful, sheltered spots where wildlife feels secure
  • Leaving dead wood on the floor of the wood to provide habitat for insects such as solitary bees.
  • Only carrying out works at a suitable time of year to prevent disturbing the wildlife.

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