Most of the fruit we grow in the UK is dependant on bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinating insects, which is why I have planted a small wildflower meadow as close as possible to my blackcurrant, gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry plants.

Green Roof Boards 80cmwx100cmh

Wildflower meadows and green roofs are a great source of pollen and nectar once the fruit blossom has finished flowering and are a great way to ensure that the honeybees keep on visiting your garden.  As this week (27th May – 2nd June) is National BBQ Week, Meadowmat are sharing recipes that are suitable for the barbecue and use honey as one of the ingredients.

This recipe uses honey and fruit, so it’s almost entirely bee-dependent.

Recipe For Honey Blackcurrent Drink             

A refreshing drink full of vitamin C and very good for you….use it diluted with water to quench your thirst or undiluted as a very tasty sauce for ice-cream.


450g Blackcurrants (fresh or frozen)
450g Clear Honey

Remove the stalks from the blackcurrants and make sure the fruit is clean.   Place it in a bowl and pour over the honey.  Crush the fruit with the honey – a potato masher is useful for this – then cover the bowl and leave it overnight.

Press the fruit mush through a sieve then pour the blackcurrant and honey mixture into a sterilised bottle. 

Store in the fridge.