It’s one thing to have a green roof installed on a building, but it’s something else entirely looking after it. These are not your average roof, after all, and they need special care and attention to ensure they last and look incredible.

Essential maintenance tips to keep your green roof alive and looking great

Not every building – whether a public building such as a school or local authority office, or indeed a home or private office – may be suitable for a green roof installation. Remember that it is a living thing and requires basic conditions such as drainage, water and access to sufficient amounts of sunlight to survive. You certainly won’t want your stunning new roof to die off after just a few weeks, leaving you not only bitterly disappointed but badly out of pocket.

If you’re considering this attractive new feature for your building, hopefully your installation company will give the go-ahead after the relevant area has been surveyed and assessed. Once it’s in place and your building is looking great with this new addition, it’s then up to you to ensure it stays that way.

Basic green roof maintenance

One of the key things you need to ensure throughout the year, especially during the growing season, is that drainage systems are not blocked. That could lead to a build-up of water under the soil that could cause damage to the plants and possibly kill them. So make sure gutters are clear at all times, especially after stormy days that can cause leaves to be deposited there and clog them up. In real terms, that means a quick visit twice a year. In autumn, once the leaves have finished falling, and again in early spring to make sure all is well for the summer.

Equally importantly, feed your flowers, grass and whatever else you have growing up there – they’re hungry! Use a suitable fertiliser at recommended doses and intervals to give your roof-bound flora a real boost, and they’ll reward you by looking better than ever.

Occasionally weeds will appear should be removed by hand. Falling leaves and other materials will eventually spoil your beautiful lofty environment, so you’ll have to get up there at the end of autumn and remove the debris.

Green roof help and advice

If you’d like to know more about installing a green roof on your building, and our ongoing maintenance services, get in touch with us here at Enviromat and we’ll be pleased to tell you more.