The Meadowmat website is set up so that placing an order couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do is work out which type of Meadowmat you’d like to order and how much of it you’ll need.  Then make yourself comfortable with your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and away you go….

Which Type Of Meadowmat Is Right For You?

There are five types of Meadowmat;

  1. Traditional Meadowmat
  2. Meadowmat for Birds and Bees
  3. Cottage Garden Meadowmat
  4. Woodland Shade Meadowmat
  5. Meadowmat for Roofmeadows

Each one has a different mixture of plant species, slightly different flowering periods and likes different conditions.

Read more about the types of Meadowmat here  or contact us to request a full colour brochure

How Much Meadowmat Do You Need?

Meadowmat is sold in multiples of 1 square metre.  To find out how much you need, first measure the length and width of the area you’d like to cover.  It’s easiest if you measure in metres at this stage – saves converting everything later on.

Multiply the length by the width and this will give you the area.  If you don’t get a whole number, (for example if your area turns out to be 8.7 square metres) round it up a bit (8.7 square metres will become 9 square metres)

There’s a useful blogpost on our sister-site about calculating area

How to calculate the area of your lawn – or wildflower meadow!

Placing Your Meadowmat Order Online

First of all, log on to and carefully read the notes at the top of the page.

  • Scroll down the page until you find the type of Meadowmat you’d like to order,
  • then type the quantity (in square metres) into the box
  • click “add to cart”

You’ll see a note appear at the top of the screen telling you that your products are in the shopping cart.

  • Add a bag of low nutrient soil – if you need it
  • Go to the top of the web site and click on the yellow button with the picture of the shopping trolley on it.

Your order will appear on your screen.

If you want to adjust quantities, change the number in the quantity box and click “update cart”

To remove anything from the cart, change the quantity to zero and click on the update cart button.

Then click on the blue coloured “proceed to checkout” button.

Understanding The Checkout Method

You’ll be invited to either check out as a guest or register.

If this is a one-off order, it’s probably easiest to checkout as a guest. 

If you are a trade customer or if you’re likely to need another order, then you might save time next time by registering.  

Either way, all of your personal data will be kept safe. 

We don’t share your data with anyone and we won’t bombard you with spam emails or sales calls. 

Check the relevant box and then click on “continue”

Filling In Your Billing Details

Please fill in the information that relates to the credit/debit card you’ll be paying with.

If this is the same as the delivery address, check the “ship to this address” circle at the bottom of the form.

If your Meadowmat is going to a different address – eg to you customer – click the “Ship to a different address” box

Click “continue”

If the delivery address and the billing address are different, you’ll be invited to fill in details of the delivery address and the recipient.

Click “continue”

Shipping Method

This is where you get to choose the date and time for your delivery. 

Be sure to read all of the information on the page very carefully.  It talks about delivery methods, offloading and times.  This might seem like a bore but it could save you a lot of worry later – you need to know what to expect.

If anything needs clarifying, please phone the office on 0333 456 4526 (7am-5pm weekdays)

If you have poor access to your property, you need us to phone you before delivering or you would like your Meadowmat in 1m2 slabs instead of 2m2 rolls – this is the place to leave us a note.

Click “continue”

The next frame is to tell you that your payment will be processed by Sage Pay which is a secure payment platform where all of your credit and debit card details will be kept safe.

Click “continue”

Review Your Order And Make Your Payment

Check quantities, prices etc and read the terms and conditions before clicking on the check box to agree them.

On the bottom left hand side of the screen is a link so that you can make changes to your order if you want to.

If you’re happy, go ahead and click on the “Place Order” button

Enter your payment card information and click on the big green “confirm” button.

Within minutes you’ll see confirmation that your order has been accepted and we’ll email you with a receipt.

Job done – all you need to do now is prepare for your delivery.

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