By its nature, property development often has an adverse effect on plants and wildlife in the surrounding area. Habitats can be altered or destroyed in the process of building a home or office and local diversity can be reduced.

Some of this is inevitable, but there are plenty of ways that you can reduce the impact your property has on its surroundings and mitigate any damage caused, allowing wildlife to thrive.

Make sure that any garden or outdoor space you have is planted up with non-invasive, non-toxic plants. Did you know that hydrangeas can be toxic to all sorts of animals, even domestic pets? If in doubt, check up with a local nature reserve or charity to find out if there’s anything you really shouldn’t be planting.

Sedum plants are easy to care for and are particularly attractive to butterflies and bees

Garden proactively too; choose flowers that bees and insects like, put up bird boxes and don’t pick all of your fruit – leave some out for the birds and insects that live in your garden.

If there’s an area of your garden you’re happy to allow to grow wild, do so – the less cultivated an area is, the more wildlife it hosts, usually.

Use natural compost made from food waste to fertilise your flowerbeds, rather than chemical fertilisers which could have a negative impact on other creatures, and opt for natural weed and slug killing options if they become a problem; don’t put more chemicals into the environment than you absolutely need to.

Another great way to create an extra habitat on your property is to install a green roof. A living roof provides extra space for plants and grasses to grow, boosting diversity and helping to put valuable oxygen back into the atmosphere. It’s also a great way to add insulation to your home, reducing the amount of fossil fuels you’re putting into the atmosphere – and your heating bills too, hopefully!

A sedum roof not only looks good, it insulates the building and helps wildlife

If you’re planning a new build or would like to install a sedum roof on your existing home or business, get in touch to find our about the installation and maintenance options we offer and boost your building’s eco credentials.