The most important lawncare job of the year

Servicing your mower

Even if it doesn’t seem that way, spring is just around the corner and we’ll soon be dusting off the lawnmower for the first mow of 2016.


If you haven’t done so already, now is the right time to start thinking about servicing your lawnmower as there’s still time to address any problems with the mower before the lawn’s growth needs to be reined in too urgently.

Can I service my mower myself?

This is a job best done by a professional, though with a small amount of mechanical knowledge and the right tools, there’s no reason why you can’t do it at home. Importantly though, you should check that any guarantees and warranties will still be valid if you decide to service the mower yourself.

Step by step guide

This brief guide will point out the main things that should be done to the mower during a service. You should consult a professional and your lawnmower’s manual for more comprehensive instructions.

Always ensure the mower is unplugged/without a battery before carrying out any maintenance.



Whether petrol, electric or robotic, the mower’s blades are the most important component. Blunt blades can cause damage to turf, cut unevenly and make the lawnmower do its job less efficiently and so these should be your first priority when it comes to servicing the mower.

Depending on the mower model, the blades may be able to be sharpened whereas other mowers, especially robotic ones, will require replacement blades if the existing ones have become dull.

If the blades are at all bent or chipped, they should be replaced.

Clear the decks

You should clean out any clippings and dirt from around the mower deck and remove the covers to clean off dirt from other components of the mower.

On electric mowers, be sure to make sure the vents are free from clippings or anything else which might restrict airflow through them and keep water away from electrical components as much as possible.

Keep things running smoothly

For electric mowers lubricating the wheels is all that remains to be done.

However, if you have a petrol-powered lawnmower, the engine will also need to be serviced.


As well as more obvious tasks such as changing the engine oil, you should also drain any remaining fuel from the tank as, having sat in the garden shed over winter, the age of any fuel still in the tank would prevent it running as it should.

More involved procedures such as spark plugs and replacing pull starter cords will need to be done according to your mower’s particular maintenance schedule and may not be required every year.

If in doubt, as always, it’s best to consult a professional.