Installing and maintaining a green roof

Once you have made the decision to commit to a living roof, you need to make sure that your home or business is suitable for such an undertaking.

Consulting a structural engineer is always a good start – a green roof is significantly heavier than a conventional one, due to the weight of the soil, plant life and water. For new builds, the weight can be factored into the design; existing structures could need additional reinforcing.

The good news is that by adding an eco-roof, you will double the lifespan of your roof and contribute to alleviating environmental problems such as flooding as the green roof reduces run-off by at least 50%. As you can imagine, the larger your building, the bigger the effect it will have on local flooding relief, enhancing your green credentials in your community.

Preparation is the key to green roofing success

You also need to properly prepare the surface before installation. Not doing this could be disastrous, leading to irreparable damage to the structure of your home or premises. Waterproofing and adding a substrate layer followed by the green sedum matting or blankets will make the actual installation of the living roof as hassle-free as possible.

Contracting specialist services such as ours will make your green roof a reality in a cost-effective, high-quality way.

Annual maintenance is imperative

We can help you with the maintenance of your new eco-roof once it is installed. Maintenance should always be carried out by an appropriately skilled technician but as the upkeep of your roof is minimal, this should not be more than once or twice a year. Care of your green roof can include getting rid of unwanted plant life, feeding plants, dead-heading flowers, and clearing of any guttering, outlets and vegetation breaks.

Raising your environmental credentials

Installing a green roof can not only enhance the look and health of your surroundings but, especially in the case of larger business properties, help with marketing by raising and improving your environmental credentials – you can bring a green space to perhaps a stark urban setting. Installing one of our sedum roofs can really bring a welcome environmental and aesthetic harmony to your home or business premises.