Our sales information refers to kerbside turf delivery. But what exactly does that mean? This article reveals all.

Turfonline can deliver to almost anywhere on mainland UK using either our own trucks or a trusted pallet delivery network.

What’s in a turf or topsoil delivery?

When it arrives, your turf will be stacked on pallets.  There are normally up to 60 turves on each pallet stacked in layers of 10 turves.  (60 m2 of turf = 60 rolls in 6 layers)

If you have ordered topsoil or bark mulch in bulk bags, each bag will be sitting on a pallet for easy unloading. One bag per pallet.

A fully loaded pallet can weigh up to 1000Kg.

kerbside turf delivery with moffett mounty
A pallet of turf looks like this. This one is being unloaded by a Moffett Mounty. Some of our lorries carry these instead of pallet trolleys.

Once the turf has been laid or the topsoil used, the pallet is yours to keep.

What sort of vehicle is used?

Most deliveries to gardeners are made using an articulated lorry with a tail lift and pallet truck.

turf delivery lorry
One of Harrowden Turf’s delivery lorries. Harrowden Turf are the growers who produce turf for turfonline.co.uk. This is a typical turf delivery lorry. Large!

What does that mean?

It means you need to be sure that your roadway is wide enough for a big lorry. You also need plenty of room for the driver to unload.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about access. If there’s anything you’re not sure of, please talk to our transport team. We’ll try to arrange to use a more suitable vehicle.

  • Do the roads leading to your delivery address have any weight or height restrictions?
  • Is the road outside your delivery address wide enough to accept an articulated lorry? (minimum width needs to be 3 metres and this must be free from parked cars)
  • Are there any low bridges or overhanging trees or cables?
  • Are there any parking or time restrictions that we should know about?
  • Does your road slope steeply? This can cause problems with the delivery

What is kerbside turf delivery?

Kerbside turf delivery means that your turf or topsoil will be delivered to the nearest safe point to your property.

The driver uses the tail lift on his lorry and a hand-moved pallet trolley to offload your delivery. Which means that the driver cannot lift the pallet over fences or walls. Neither can he take the order any further than the pallet trolley allows.

turf delivered pallet truck
Turf is unloaded from the lorry using a pallet truck. Please ensure that there is room for the lorry to park and that the surface is suitable for a pallet truck – otherwise delivery might be delayed

The pallet trolley doesn’t work  on steep slopes, loose or uneven surfaces.

All of our drivers are helpful and friendly and will do their best to get your order as close as possible to your gate. However, as with so many industries today, they are under pressure to get to their next drop and they do have limited time. Please don’t embarrass your delivery driver by asking him to take your delivery “round the back”.

It’s for you to make sure you have enough hands on site to move your products from the kerbside to where they are needed.

What if kerbside delivery is not possible?

We will do our very best to get your order to you safely, however, if you read our terms and conditions carefully you’ll see that the ultimate responsibility for making sure we can access the site lies with you.

If we cannot deliver first time, we’ll talk to you and try to redelivery. Please be aware though that there may be a charge for this service.

To avoid delivery problems

If you know of any potential problems with access, please let us know when you place your order. You can email us or you can phone our office.

Make sure you have space outside your property for the pallets to rest whilst you move the turf/topsoil to somewhere more suitable.

Ask neighbours/friends/family to be on hand to help move the turf if needs be

If the site is muddy, has uneven surfaces or is gravelled – lay some boards before the lorry arrives, that way the pallet truck can be manoeuvred easily.

When your delivery arrives, check carefully that you have the correct number of turves and/or bags of topsoil. Once you have signed the delivery ticket it’s very difficult (and expensive) to rectify any disagreements – even if you have signed it as “not checked”.

Reassuring to know

It’s very unusual for there to be problems with a turf delivery. We use the best pallet delivery services and do everything we can to make sure your order arrives without any hitches. However – don’t forget that you can help by telling us about any potential problems well in advance. The more notice you give us, the more time we have to make suitable arrangements.

Happy Turfing

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