Christmas is just around the corner, but there’s still time to pick out the perfect gifts for the people you care about.

Do you know someone who loves nature? If so, why not get them the gift of their own personal meadow this festive season? Christmas could be the perfect time to invest in some Meadowmat wild flower turf for one of your loved ones.

Phone us on 0333 456 4526 before Friday 18th December to organise a pre-paid voucher so that the recipient can order their Meadowmat when they’re ready.

What Does Meadowmat Look Like In Winter?

Of course, even hardy meadow-based wild flowers don’t tend to look their best during the winter. You may therefore feel uncertain about giving Meadowmat as a gift during this time of year. However, it’s worth considering the way a roll of Meadowmat wildflower turf will grow and change as the year goes by.

When planted in winter time, the roots on all of the Meadowmat plants have plenty of time to establish before the first flush of growth in spring.  Meadowmat installed before the end of March flowers much more prolifically in its first summer than wild flower turf planted later in the year.

In spring, the recipient of your gift will get to see their garden burst into bloom as wild flowers unfurl themselves for the first time.

Meadowmat for Birds and Bees in mid spring.  Already showing lots of colours and a variety of bee-friendly flowers

In summer, their garden meadow will be even more colourful.

Cottage Garden Meadowmat in summer.  This picture was taken at RHS Hampton Court flower show

As the autumn draws in, many of the blooms will still be bold and bright and will therefore contrast beautifully with the more stark landscape.

Finally, as next winter comes, their little meadow will lose most of its bright flowers in preparation for putting out new ones the following year.

Their meadow will continue to provide cyclical, seasonal joy for years to come. While it is true that your gift of a Meadowmat wild flower meadow may take a few months to really show off its beauty for the first time, it will be worth the wait. What’s more, the gift will definitely be appreciated.

Meadowmat Is So Much More That Just Pretty Flowers

Of course, a garden meadow has more to offer than gorgeous blooms. It will also attract wildlife (bees and butterflies in particular) throughout large parts of the year. This makes it a truly superb gift for nature lovers who want to encourage biodiversity in their garden.

A bumblebee feeds from the delicate flowers of  Field Scabious 

Christmastime may be a little too cold for most meadow-based wild flowers, but it’s still the perfect opportunity to give someone a present they’ll appreciate all year round. A roll of Meadowmat can turn a garden belonging to someone you care about into a gift that will last for years: a stunning meadow.

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