Lets Build A Garden – Week 2 – Inspiration.

Now you have looked at your garden / window box / courtyard and begun to consider what you have / what you have to leave / and what is definitely going – time to think about inspiration….

Where will it come from – do you have specific ideas or problem areas you want to address?

  • Worn grass
  • Old plants
  • Dead branches
  • Crumbling walls / fencing
  • Disposal – what do you need to get rid of – how and when?

What are your children looking for from a garden?

How can you get your children engaged?

What do they want now?

What will they want in a few years’ time and between now and then…?

What will you need in a few years’ time – do you need to think about mobility?

Raised beds?

  • Are there particular things that are you looking to achieve?
    • How green do you want to be?
    • Is water conservation important?
    • How much time and effort can you allocate to looking after the garden?
    • What about wildlife – what birds and insects would you like to bring to your garden?

  • Can you ask them to list what they would like – in an ideal world –
  • Talk to them about what might be possible and what might be a little more difficult
  • If you are working in parallel with your parents / friends / colleagues – you in your garden, them in theirs what are they looking for?

What are your favorite gardens or elements within a garden?

Are you looking for a rustic paradise?

What type of garden are you aiming for? – water garden or with significant water features / will any buildings stay or be built / constructed – how do you feel about adopting green roofs?

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