Lets Build A Garden – Inspiration.

Now you have looked at your garden, window box or courtyard and begun to consider what you have; what you have to leave and what is definitely going – time to think about inspiration.


So, where will your inspiration come from – do you have specific ideas or problem areas you want to address? You may have areas of worn grass or old plants that need replacing. Then, trees and shrubs may have dead branches and perhaps some of the boundaries are crumbling. What do you need to get rid of – how and when?

What are your children looking for from a garden?

How can you get your children engaged?

How do they use the garden now? In future needs may change. Is there a way to build your garden between now and then…? What will you need in a few years’ time. Do you need to think about mobility?

What are you trying to achieve?

Raised beds? Are there particular things that are you looking to achieve? How green do you think you would like to be? Is water conservation important? How much time and effort can you allocate to looking after the garden? What about wildlife – what birds and insects would you like to bring to your garden?

What about your children?

So, is it feasible to check in with your children and ask them to list what they would like. In an ideal world it might be possible to talk to them about what might be possible and what might be a little more difficult. If you are working in parallel with your parents / friends / colleagues – you in your garden, them in theirs what are they looking for?

What are your favourite gardens or elements within a garden?

Are you looking for a rustic paradise?

So, what type of garden are you aiming for? How about a water garden ?Or even a significant water features. Will any buildings stay or are you planning to build any new ones? How do you feel about adopting green roofs?


For homework try and create a mood board – either online or as a hardcopy. This can include pictures and garden ideas that you like, and you want to adopt in your garden. Find pictures in magazines, images online or from your own pictures, holidays or gardens from other houses and places where you have lived.

Get Creative

Get creative if you can. Try and think of the focus & themes that could run through the garden – whether they be particular materials, species, colours or themes adopted from other cultures, times or locations.


Materials choice has never been wider. Whether it is soil, plants, green roofs, decking or hard landscaping. Choice is everywhere. There are huge possibilities for beds, water features, rockeries. buildings and sitting areas. ..And that’s if you are staying conventional. However, using your imagination can open up all sorts of possibilities. Moreover, scale needn’t be a factor – miniature gardens and Japanese bonsai are just two examples of something a little different.


So, we would love to see your ideas. Please send in your ideas, images or inspiration to marketing@harrowdenturf.co.uk.

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