As part of a unique green theme developed by architects Simpson Haugh and Partners Deansgate-Castlefield Metrolink stop has been transformed into an ‘oasis in the city’.

The Metrolink expansion programme overseen by Transport for Greater Manchester  (TfGM) includes two new green slate paved platforms and a new ‘living’ wall of plants and flowers at the Deansgate end of the tram stop.

Trams passing through the station appear to move along a bed of grass thanks to blocks of EnviroMat sedum planted between tracks – which are already teeming with pollinator-friendly flowers.

EnviroMat is a low maintenance, living carpet of sedum plants that brings all the benefits of green plants to places that might otherwise remain bare. Easy to install it attracts wildlife, is drought tolerant and with a varied mix of flowering sedum plants provides all year round colour and texture.

Architect Ian Simpson, was bored of looking at a drab ‘grey’ tram station. “We wanted to create something a bit special out of something a bit ordinary and grey, using as many natural materials as possible to create a truly natural, green feel to the station.”

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee is impressed with the results. “The stop really does have a unique green look and I’m sure the thousands of people using it every day will appreciate the many small touches that make it an oasis in the city.”

As well as the aesthetic green themed changes the Castlefield-Deansgate tram stop will get a new line of track and improved access and facilities as part of a wider Metrolink network modification and expansion programme. To learn more please visit the TfGM website here.