If you’re trying to sell a house then there’s nothing worse than a dead and muddy front garden, so why not increase your chances of a sale with a Meadowmat that will make a stellar first impression?

Wild flowers add kerb appeal to a home

Creating Kerb Appeal

Of course you can lay down grass seed, and wait months for it to grow, or you can lay down turf. There’s a clinical finish to fresh-laid turf, however, that can actually detract from the appearance of a house or office block.

A neatly turfed lawn can look sterile

Meadowmat is a different matter, as it is a pre-grown wildflower turf that can be cut to length and will imbue your house with instant character.

A wildflower border adds interest and eco-credentials to any garden AND it’s easy to maintain

How To Make A Wildflower Meadow

Meadowmat is just as easy to lay as turf, it can be delivered within three days of your order being placed and you can either use it on its own to create a free-spirited garden with some of Britain’s favourite wild flowers or combine it with turf to give a textured and mature feel to the garden, even if it has just been laid.

How to lay Meadowmat

Any property developer or estate agent will tell you that a welcoming garden can add thousands to the price of a home.  And property flippers especially are always looking for a quick fix that can transform the look and feel of a house in a quick and cost-effective manner. Meadowmat is that quick fix for a garden that is not looking at its best.

For a new-build property, Meadowmat adds numerous plant species to the site and helps to accrue BREEAM credits that will satisfy the planners, speed the sale and add eco-credentials to the project.

More information about Meadowmat and BREEAM is available here.

Benefits Of Wildflower Turf

Meadowmat covers and effectively smothers any weeds, so you don’t even need to properly prep the ground. It’s quick to install and, with a little water and some minor maintenance, the wild meadow will give a new lease of life to your property and potentially add a huge amount to the final sale price.

UK wildflowers are great at attracting wildlife. This bee is feeding from a field scabious flower.

So if you are a property developer that needs a quick fix, if you are struggling to sell your house and you know that the garden needs a lift or you just want to give your property a wildflower makeover then Meadowmat could be the answer you have been looking for.

If you want to know more, get in touch today to find out how Meadowmat can help sell your home.