What Is Meadowmat?

Meadowmat comes in a variety of different types containing a vibrant array of flowering plants and grasses, powerfully growing onto their provided matting system. The best thing about Meadowmat wildflower matting is that it’s so simple to use! All you have to do is choose which type of Meadowmat you like best or is most suitable, order it online and when it arrives, unroll it onto prepared ground! The only maintenance you need to provide is a bit of water so the roots settle, and then let mother nature do its thing!

Each piece of Meadowmat is bolstered from seed and then dispatched by Turf Online’s production team in rural Norfolk. Selling only natural matting is important to all budding gardening companies, so Meadowmat is completely organic and grown outdoors with the chosen British source of seeds. In fact, Meadowmat is welcomed by a diversity of insects and mammals, allowing them to enjoy the plants and grasses as they grow which also encourages flourishing during the growing process!

Meadowmat wildflower matting has even received a huge compliment from the Royal Horticultural Society who have permitted Turf Online to use the ‘RHS Perfect for Pollinators’ logo with this popular landscaping material!


Why Is Pollination Important?

A pollinator is a creature that transfers pollen from one plant to another which fertilises flowers, allowing them to be able to produce seeds or fruit. One of the main factors in the disappearance of pollinating insects is said to be loss of habitat (these creatures cannot feed solely on our food crops!) Put it this way, that would be like us relying on shops that only open during May and June. Especially butterflies and moths in particular which both need food plants for their larvae and a safe place during winter.

The RHS have recognised the importance of pollinators, not just for food and farming but for ecology, biodiversity and the environment in general. Therefore, they have compiled a list of plants that are good for gardens and good for insects too!

3/4 crops across the globe producing fruits or seeds for food depend on pollinators and around 1/3 of the food we eat has been produced with the aid of a pollinating insect. This makes you realise just how crucial pollinators are! The number of pollinating insects, for example, bees, butterflies, hoverflies and moths, has declined for the last 50 years. In that time, at least 2 species of bee have become extinct and according to a study conducted by the Zoological Society of London, bumblebees, beetles and butterflies are at greater risk of extinction than lions and tigers!


Why Is Meadowmat A Good Habitat For Pollinators?

Installing Meadowmat wildflower matting in gardens, on road verges and in public parks is a great way to help stop the decline in pollinating insects and a fascinating way for us all to reconnect with nature. It’s a mixture of 34 different species of native grasses and flowering plants, making it a great source of pollen and nectar during spring and summer. It also provides a secure place for hibernating insects during the winter. Some of the plant species in Meadowmat are also the preferred food of some caterpillars and other insect larvae.

Where Can I Buy Meadowmat?

If you are interested in buying Meadowmat for your garden, you can explore Turf Online’s exclusive range here! If you need more advice on Meadowmat and how it works, don’t be afraid to contact Turf Online on 03334 564516.