Meadowmat have introduced a range of wildflower seed mixes to the shop at

“There is something truly satisfying about growing your own wildflowers from seed” says Sales Manager Chris Carr  “Its relatively inexpensive to do and that makes the experiment all the more fun”.

All Seed Has Been Sourced In The UK

Gardeners often ask us “does Meadowmat have native provenance?” and the answer is “yes”.  All of the seeds in all of our products comes from the UK

Meadowmat Seed Mixes Match The Wildflower Turf

There are four seed mixes to choose from – each one corresponds to one of the Meadowmat wild flower turf varieties.  That makes the little 20g packets of seed ideal for patching or repairs.

One 20g packet covers approximately 4 square metres of soil. (much more than that if you’re overseeding or repairing an area of meadow)

Traditional Meadowmat Seed

70% flowering plants and 30% grass by weight makes this one of the most floral wildflower meadow seed mixes on the market today.   

30 species of flowering native plants and 4 species of native grasses.  Most of them are perennial so expect your wildflower area to last for years and years.

Sow in spring or autumn.  Likes full sun and well drained soil.

Species include oxeye daisies, yellow rattle, lady’s bedstraw, red campion, field scabious and many more.

Birds and Bees Meadowmat Seed

Even more flowers in this one! 36 species of flowering plants makes up 80% of this seed mix.  The other 20% comprises four of the UK’s most beautiful native grasses.

Nectar-rich blooms for the bees are followed by tasty seedheads for the birds.

Again, we’ve chosen perennial and biannual plant species so these plants should reappear every year.  Expect to see Maiden pink, Quaking grass, cornflowers, fox and cubs, ragged robin and vipers bugloss amongst many other things.

Woodland Shade Meadowmat Seed

A mix of 38 species of native plants that thrive in low-light.  Great for sowing under trees or near hedges.  Seedmix is 70% flowering plants and 30% grass by weight.

Perennials and biannuals – this seed pack will bring you colour for many years to come.

Included in this seedmix are primroses, white campions, pepper saxifrage, wood sage and common toadflax.  

Cottage Garden Meandowmat Seed

28 different types of plant (2 of them are grasses) that are popular in the old-fashioned cottage gardens.  We’ve added a some non-native (but bee-friendly) species for extra summer colour.

Most of these plants are perennials or biannuals so you won’t need to re-seed for several years to come.

Enjoy plants like common mallow, thrift, sweet violet, aquilegia, scabious and verbena bonereinsis.

What’s In The Packet?

20g of wildflower seed mix (enough to sow an area of 4 square metres); a list of the species included in the mix and full sowing instructions.

These little boxes are attractive enough for you to give as a gift.  Ideal for birthday presents, childrens’ party bags or even wedding favours.

You’ll find a full plant list on the product description for each of these seed mixes.

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