Gardeners and landscapers may be concerned at the news that United Utilities has imposed a hosepipe ban in NW England. Find out what to do if you are planning to lay a lawn from turf in the near future.

We like to think that our customer service team is the best in the business. If any of our turf buyers have any worries about our products, we will do our utmost to help. However, the one thing we can’t do is revive turf that has succumbed to drought.

For anyone with a newly laid lawn, wildflower area or sedum roof, the message is – DO NOT let it dry out.

How will the hosepipe ban affect people with newly laid lawns?

How will the United utility hosepipe ban affect you? The ban comes into effect on 5th of August 2018.

Lisa Stone from our Southport office has been looking into it for you…

Which areas are affected by the United Utilities Hosepipe Ban?

Towns and cities affected by the ban include:

  • Penrith,
  • Keswick,
  • Windemere,
  • Lancaster,
  • Preston,
  • Blackburn,
  • Rochdale,
  • Manchester,
  • Skelmersdale,
  • Bolton,
  • Liverpool,
  • Warrington,
  • Macclesfield,
  • Congleton,
  • Nantwich
  • and of course, Southport.

United Utilities has created a handy only address checker. To view this, please click on the link below, fill in your postcode and find out whether you are affected.

United Utilities Address Checker

What will you not be allowed to do during the hosepipe ban?

United Utilities have told everyone affected by the ban that in order to preserve precious water supplies, nobody should be using a hosepipe. Not to water the garden, wash the car, fill ponds* or paddling pools, water plants in pots*, wash walls or window, clean paths or patios. (The full list is available on the United Utilities Website

*newly purchased plants can be watered for the first 14 days and it’s OK to fill a pond if there are fish living in it

There are however some exemptions – and amongst them is some good news for turfers

If you have a newly laid lawn, you will be permitted to use a hosepipe to water it for the first 28 days after installation.

This does not apply to grass seed or to established lawns – if you have any questions about the hosepipe ban, please contact United Utilities.

The full legal document is available to read on the United utility website


This applies only to the United utility hosepipe ban – other water companies may yet impose hosepipe bans but they may have different terms and conditions. Be sure to check before ordering or laying any turf.

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