A new book by Garden News Editor Ian Hodgson was published on 5th May 2016. 

The book, entitled “New Wild Garden, Natural-style planting and practicalities” features Meadowmat in a step-by-step guide to creating a wild flower area in a typical modern garden.

New Wild Garden provides a comprehensive view of one of the most radical changes in garden design this century.

Inspired by the Olympic meadows in London, gardeners, designers, wildlife lovers, architects and housing developers have embraced to idea of using native plants in naturalistic planting schemes.

This book looks at the practicalities of establishing, growing and caring for wildflowers into any garden or outdoor space.

In it you’ll find:

  • 15, step-by-step planting projects to create a range of wild-style gardens using new approaches.
  • Planting plans for every plot size from a container to an acre with everything in between.
  • How to grow and propagate more than 150 plants
  • Understand and emulate the new natural style followed by designers such as Piet Oudolf and Dan Pearson

The Meadowmat section in this book was photographed in the small back garden of a newly built eco-home in Norfolk.

The householder is a first-time buyer.  A single Mum with a full time job and all the responsibilities of bringing up a child.  She needed a low maintenance garden that fitted in with the environmentally sustainable ethos of the property – and looked beautiful too.   She’s happy with the results.

New Wild Garden is available from Amazon priced £19.99  ISBN: 978-0711237285

(price correct at 1st June 2016)

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