Fairyland Trust Wants Children To Discover Nature

Norfolk based charity, the Fairyland Trust is urging people to help more children experience the wonder of nature by supporting a campaign to create wildflower meadows.

Chris Rose founded the Fairyland Trust with his partner Sarah Wise in 2001.  Their daughter Amazon, inspired the project when, as a small child, she wanted to look for faries in flowery meadows.  The trust has become well known for its fairy and magic inspired events that aim to teach young children about nature.

Making Wildflower Meadows In Norfolk

The Fairyland Trust is based in Wells in Norfolk and aims to raise £20,000 to buy land that can be sown with wildflowers to create a beautiful and inspirational place for families to explore and enjoy.

Campaigner, Chris Rose says “What we want to do is create a bit of old England in terms of the places that people can go to for days out, and so children can come across nature in the same way their great grandparents may have done.” He adds “We want to buy a piece of land, re-sow it with wildflowers and mange it to encourage lots of plants and wildlife to life there.”

To date, they have raised about £6,500 through funds from the trust’s Fairy Fair, donations from staff and volunteers, and from people baking and selling fairy cakes.

Want To Help?

Visit the Fairyland Trust’s Facebook page for inspirational ideas

Donate to the Trust by texting FMFD02£(insert amount) to 70070

Inspiring Children With Wildflower Meadows

Even the smallest wildflower meadow can provide children with a hands-on experience of nature, ecosystems and wildlife.

Meadowmat are in the process of creating an information sheet about the educational benefits of a wildflower meadow.  If you would like a copy, please email Angela.