Caroline Grohan’s secret garden
An Enviromat roof in July
this building is from
sedum roof on a
garden office
Sedum blanket adorns a flat roof
extension on this home. …What a
lovely view from the window! 
A sedum green roof on the porch
of a newly built eco-home in Norfolk 
Sedum roof on a university building in
Lifting sedum rolls on to a roof
mixed sedum plants on a living green roof
this picture was taken in June 2012
recycled shed with a living green roof
by Jean Vernon
A small green roof
 A small green roof
 Commercial green roof needing our
maintenance service
Pretty garden shed with a sedum green roof

I recently gave a talk to a group of APL members at their networking seminar that was entitled “ethical and sustainable landscaping”. I was given the brief of to explaining how green roofs and wild flowers fit into a sustainable landscape and guess what – it was really difficult; not only because I find public speaking a bit of a challenge,  but because I had a 20 minute time slot and was going to struggle to say everything I wanted to in such a short time.

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