Sedum Flowers in July

During hot dry weather, many traditional garden plants can wilt and wither, but drought tolerant sedums will defy the dry and carry on blooming providing pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies.

These pictures were taken on the Enviromat sedum matting production field in early July 2013.  Look closely and you’ll find several different species of bee enjoying the blooms.

Sedum spurium, Sedum kamtschaticum and Sedum sexangulare side by side in Enviromat sedum matting

A buff-tailed bumble bee makes the most of these nectar rich flowers

Sedum album and Sedum sexangulare look good together

Sedum album flowers as far as the eye can see

Enviromat sedum matting is grown in Norfolk UK and makes great low maintenance groundcover that is particularly bee-friendly.  It’s also rather good for creating a living green roof on a shed or garden building.