Soilscon 2016 takes place on Wednesday 5th October 2016 in Henley on Thames.  Organised by Tim O’Hare, the conference has an impressive line-up of speakers and presentations.  This is a must-attend event for landscape contractors, landscape architects, developers, engineers and housebuilders.

The conference focuses on common problems and mistakes made across the industry with regards to soil specification and use.  Seven well respected industry experts will provide delegates with up to date knowledge on a wide range of soil-related issues.

Soil Compaction

Tim O’Hare looks at problems caused by soil compaction which is an issue on most construction sites that has a big impact on the landscaping.  He looks at soil management practices and equipment; methods of topsoil stripping, storage and reinstatement; soil depths and tree pit details.

Tree Root And Soil Systems

Luke Fay, Seniour Arboricultural Consultant explains how trees interact with soil for water, nutrients and stability.  He explores root growth and architecture and the impact of soil damage on the above-ground parts of a tree.

Designing With Soils

Andy Sturgeon, award winning garden designer draws on his experience to explain the importance of soil types when it comes to planting designs.

Understanding Manufactured Topsoil

Andy Spetch from British Sugar Topsoil discusses the process of manufacturing sustainable topsoils.  He looks at the importance of using certified topsoil and the issues that can arise when soils don’t meet the required project specification.

Contaminated Land – clean cover systems

Richard Brinkworth from Leap Environmental explains what a cover system is and how poor engineering can lead to unserviceable gardens on brownfield development sites.

Wildflower grasslands – A Soil Scientist’s Perspective

Tim White from Tim O’Hare Associates introduces the main types of semi-natural wildflower grasslands and the soil properties associated with them.  He considers the options for soil management to help create new grasslands as well as the need to match plant species to soil types.

Maintaining The Landscape From The Roots Up

Alistair Bayford from The Landscape Group uses case studies to make the case for considering landscape maintenance at the planning and design stage of a project.