Relaxing With Wildflowers Aids Stress Reduction

Stress is a sneaky sort of a condition.  You don’t always realise you’re suffering from it – until the stress is taken away.  THEN you notice the difference.

Stress leads to headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive problems and a whole lot more.  It’s horrid and unfortunately, it’s part of our fast-paced modern lifestyle.

April is stress awareness month, and at Harrowden Turf, we’re using the opportunity to look at ways of reducing stress in the workplace and at home.

Engage With Nature To Release Stress

There’s a reason why advertisers associate their products with nature to help suggest a feeling of wellbeing.  Think of the girl washing her hair in the waterfall, the lady eating chocolate in a wildflower meadow, people eating al-fresco.  It’s all about the way nature makes us feel.

Chillin and relaxing in a natural setting is a great way to counteract the stress of everyday life

That engagement with nature is proven to reduce stress.  A walk in the park, a cycle ride in the countryside, sitting on a beach, watching the wild birds in your garden.  There is a myriad of different ways to bring nature into your life without disrupting your family or your job too much.

My personal favourite stress-busting pastime is to spend just 5 or 10 minutes every day checking on progress in my little wildflower mini-meadow.

I created a mini-meadow about 5 years ago now, using Meadowmat wildflower turf.  It was easy to do, didn’t cost much and I’ve been reaping the rewards ever since.

My own mini-meadow.  This picture was taken last May.

It covers an area of 6 square metres (but I want to expand it a lot more) and is endlessly fascinating.  Every day I see something different.  A new species of butterfly, a bumblebee I’ve not seen before, a seedling squeezing up through the other plants, a flower bud, a ladybird. 

Whilst I’m marvelling in nature I’m not thinking about bills to pay, who needs feeding tonight or whether I’ll finish that project on time.  I’m breathing in the fresh air and I can feel my heart rate calming down and the tension leaving my poor neck.

As somebody who suffers from depression and anxiety, I would recommend growing wildflowers to help you cope with the bad days.  They’re not demanding, they’re not disease-prone, they’re not expensive and they bring in loads of wildlife to entertain me.

Stress-Busting Wildflowers For The Workplace

I work from home.  So technically, the little meadow is at my workplace.  It’s easy though for employers to create a wildflower meadow around the workplace – all you need is outdoor space.  It’s the perfect place to take a breath at lunchtime or coffee time.  On nice days, and if it’s practical, it would make a fabulous space for brainstorming sessions.  It’s amazing how creative one feels when outdoors…..hmmm improved productivity eh?

The PR value of having wildlife-friendly space on your premises is invaluable too.

Imagine a seating area surrounded by colourful flowers, lush greenery and busy insects.  Imagine too that the maintenance cost was low.  Really low.   That’s the beauty of a wildflower area.  It needs very little maintenance.  No mowing, no spraying, no deadheading.  Nothing.  Just once cut a year and you can sell the hay for people to feed to their pets.

How To Create A Wildflower Area At Home Or At Work

This is my favourite method