One of our resident swallow families has had the first brood of young finally take to the wing. These young chicks were photographed last week on their first outing out of their nest.

Every year they nest in our old brick buildings as they have done for generations. They first appeared on the 14th April this year, well over a fortnight later than most years.

The adults have been very busy gathering food to feed their hungry family and are a common site swooping low over our area of Meadowmat, catching insects on the wing. The Meadowmat has proved to be a haven for insects and also very popular for our Swallows!

On our farms, we try to do everything we possibly can for our Swallows. Old buildings have windows left open from March onwards to provide access for nesting. Wildflowers and Meadowmat provide an ideal habitat for their food source of insects, and in the fields, we minimise the use of pesticides to help preserve the insect population.