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Top ten turf laying tips

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How To Lay Turf The Ultimate Guide

1: Prepare the soil before ordering

That way there’ll be no last minute hitches to delay turf laying. Turf must be laid as soon as it arrives, especially in hot weather

2: Measure twice to be sure of measurements

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself one or two rolls short for your project.

3: Allow an extra 5-10% for trimming

Just as a precaution – see point 2. The more complicated and curvy your lawn, the more likely you are to have a little bit of wastage as you trim your turves to fit. If you’ve ever made anything from wood, fabric or pastry you’ll know exactly what I mean about trimmings.

4: Order the best quality turf you can afford

Just like carpets and baked beans, the better quality products are easier to work with and the results are more rewarding.

5: Have tools etc ready for when turf arrives –

You will need: A rake, laying boards, a hat, sunscreen, a drink for yourself, a sharp knife or edging iron and a watering can or a hosepipe and, if at all possible, somebody to help!

6: Always use pre-turfing fertiliser

Yes, it adds a little extra to the bill but it will make all the difference to the establishment and the long term success of your lawn.

7: Use laying boards to avoid compacting the turf

After all the work you’ve done to level and prepare the ground, the last thing you want are big dips in your lawn that match the size and shape of your boots. Laying boards will spread the weight evenly as you work.

8: Start at the back of the lawn and work towards the front so you don’t need to walk on finished work

You know it makes sense!

9: Avoid having small pieces at the edge – they’ll dry out quickly

If you have a curvy edge, lay one strip of turf along it and bending and curving it to shape. Then lay turf at 90 degrees to this strip and trim each turf to size. Small bits and pieces take an absolute age to establish, are inclined to dry out and die and can sometimes get lifted by the mower when you start your lawncare regime.

10: Don’t skimp on the watering

If your turf dries out the pieces may shrink leaving ugly gaps between pieces. If the grass plants are starved of water in those all-important first few weeks your lawn will take a very long time to reach its full potential.

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