Turfland has recently shown their support for British bees by adopting a beehive with the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA).

    Honey bees across the world are under threat. There could be many reasons for this including loss of habitat, disease, the use of pesticides or vehicle emissions dulling the aroma of flowers. In the US the beeper hectare count has fallen by 90% since 1961, and while the UK is not in the same situation, we simply cannot be complacent.

    Almost all beekeeping in the UK is carried out by members of the public as a hobby, so the role of individual beekeepers in safeguarding honey bees for future generations is essential.

    Funds raised by the ‘Adopt A Beehive’ scheme are used to support applied research projects in universities and local apiaries, and to develop local education programmes for beekeepers to ensure that they are all properly trained and best able to keep honey bees alive and well.

    You can find out more about the work they support by visiting www.britishbee.org.uk.

    Meadow flowers are known and mentioned by the BBKA often as being perfect for providing food for all pollinators including bees and butterflies as well as giving pleasure to those who grow them. And MeadowMat has recently been certified as being ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ by the RHS.

Why bees are so important:

One in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is reliant on pollination. Honey bees are the most important of all the pollinators as they start their work early in the year, and crops such as pears and almonds are almost entirely reliant on the honey bee to produce their fruit. In addition, the honey bee is the sole insect on earth to produce honey and other valuable products such as natural wax and propolis which we all enjoy.

    Every penny of the money raised by the Adopt A Beehive scheme is spent on applied research and education projects to help the honeybee.

Small changes in how you garden can make a big difference to bees, traditional types of flowers and herbs, particularly wildflowers are one of the easiest ways to make a big difference to honeybees.

The four most important ways that people can help the honeybee is through:

  1. Eating more honey.
  2. Becoming a beekeeper.
  3. Adopting a beehive.
  4. Dedicating a part of your garden to wildflowers.

And why not dedicate a small section of your garden to MeadowMat? Creating a beautiful addition to your garden that requires very little upkeep as well as helping safeguard our UK bees.