The Turfonline Team value every single one of our reviews and testimonials. Here are just a few from 2019’s busy season.

It’s always great to hear from customers especially when they can offer constructive feedback. The world is a fast-changing environment and we need to be able to respond to it. So when we hear that folks are happy with their products – it reassures the team that they’re doing a good job. If there’s a problem, it’s good to share so that we can resolve and learn from any issues.

New reviewing system for more detail

Recently our reviewing process was updated so that it’s easier for customers to see how our products have performed for other people.

We have lots of comments on and from autumn 2019, buyers have also been able to see reviews within product descriptions. This gives an at-a-glance chance to evaluate items before popping them into your basket.

For example, today, our best seller Jubilee Turf has 685 reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5; Garden Lawn Turf scores 4.5 (185 reviews) and Species Rich Turf (our new release) is still awaiting comments.

What do people review?

We like to learn as much about our customers’ experiences as possible – that way we can make improvements if needs be and also praise the people who are doing a good job.

When we receive a review we’re hoping to discover things like…

  • Is the Turfonline website straightforward to use?
  • How easy was it to find the right products for your project?
  • Do we offer enough information to help you choose and use our products?
  • Did you need to talk to anyone on the phone? If so, were all of your questions answered satisfactorily?
  • Were our delivery drivers polite and helpful?
  • What (if anything) would you change about your experience with Turfonline?
  • Would you recommend Turfonline to your friends and family?

Recent Reviews for Turfonline

A Professional landscaper from S R Batten Garden Maintenance

“Quality turf. Had another turf from different suppliers maybe some are a little cheaper but I’d rather pay a little more for quality and have happy customers”

Newly turfed lawn in back garden

Reviews about turf quality

curvy shaped lawn in back garden

“Really pleased with the quality of the turf. Fantastic value too. Ordering and delivery was very well organised. Will certainly use Turfonline again.” Colin Wells

“Excellent service, delivered exactly when they said it would arrive. A lush green lawn which has annoyed our neighbour who purchased his new lawn at the same time from another turf company who will remain anonymous.”
R Felton

Testimonials from Meadowmat Customers

“Fabulous quality and amazed at the number of plants in the Woodland Shade mix. All laid and waiting for next year for flowers but looks fantastic at the moment in it’s “green” phase.”
Mrs K T Harris

“We’ve used this twice now for recent school projects and we’ve been really impressed with the quality of the product. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the spring and summer.” N Stannett (Meadowmat for Birds and Bees)

As advised, the turf was laid immediately after delivery and watered in. After just two weeks, the turf is establishing itself well and wildflowers, including Ragged Robin, Daisy and Plantain are appearing. As it was the time for collecting children from a nearby school, parked cars prevented delivery lorry from accessing our property. Driver kindly walked a total of 600 yards with pallet truck from the main road. We were greatly impressed with the total service.

Testimonials from Enviromat Customers

“Fabulous service. Fabulous product. The second time I have purchased living roof from Turfonline. Excellent.”
A Cooke

Reviews for Turfonline Topsoil

” This soil was rich, dark and fine, wonderful for putting down before the turf – the leftovers are going into the flower borders, I’m sure they’ll love some new nutrients”
P Mason

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