If you want to buy turf online these days, there is a big choice of turf suppliers. So how do you know which is the best turf supplier for you? In this blog, we look at what makes Turfonline different from other online turf suppliers.

What are you looking for in a turf supplier?

  • Next day delivery?
  • Good quality turf?
  • Reasonable prices?
  • Excellent customer service?
  • Helpful advice?
  • Tools and sundries to help you establish your new lawn?
  • Safe transactions and maximum data security

A good many online turf suppliers have some tempting offers, so I’d like to elaborate a little on what you get when you buy from Turfonline.

Turf delivery

We deliver turf that has been harvested only a few hours before it gets to you. It hasn’t been sitting outside a garden centre for a day or two. It is literally, fresh off the field.

turf delivery lorry

Turfonline is the online turf shop for Harrowden Turf Ltd.  Harrowden Turf is the UK’s biggest turf grower and we have got turf delivery down to a tee. Our logistics manager is Richard Boyson.

Richard runs a fleet of articulated and rigid vehicles all adapted to delivering and unloading turf. When our own fleet of lorries is fully booked and busy, Richard has a network of trusted haulage companies he can contact. All of whom know that turf is perishable, cannot have other products stacked on top of it and needs to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Because you need to work with the weather on any gardening project, Turfonline offers a next day delivery service. All we ask is that we place your order before 11 am so that we have time to organise the harvesting and transport.

Your turf is harvested the afternoon before delivery so that it will be super-fresh when it gets to you.

Good quality turf

Harrowden Turf is only a few years old but it was formed by amalgamating some very experienced turf growing companies. Turfland in Southport, Q Lawns in Norfolk, Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh and Spearhead Turf from Cambridgeshire. Between them, those Companies had over 150 years of turf growing experience before they joined the Harrowden group. We know how to grow turf!

An important component of turf quality is freshness. When you place an order on Turfonline, your turf will not be lifted from the field until it is almost time to load it onto the delivery lorry. We don’t want anybody’s turf to spend a lot of time in transit, so our turf growing fields are strategically sited around the UK. Your turf will normally be harvested from the field that is nearest to your delivery address.

Reasonable Prices

The thing about buying directly from the grower is that there is no middle man to take a share of the price. That means that we can keep our prices reasonable.

Don’t get me wrong, Turfonline may not be the cheapest online turf supplier out there, but we do regularly check our prices and we’re confident that they are fair.

Here’s the thing. Our turf is grown to very high standards. Not just quality standards, but environmental standards too. Because we try to protect the environment and the wildlife on our farms and costs us a little extra to grow turf.

Harrowden Turf uses only the best seed and up to date, well-maintained machinery. We also try to avoid using chemicals for weed control and pest control – any gardener will tell you that chemical-free horticulture involves more time and more labour. From our perspective, that’s great because it means we can support the communities around our turf farms with more jobs. From the buyer’s point of view though, it means their turf may cost an extra couple of pence per roll.

Excellent Customer Service

Our aim is to make buying turf online as simple as possible for you. In fact, so simple that you don’t even notice the customer service team working away in the background.

Richard and his team work tirelessly to organise deliveries with the best service for you and the least possible impact on the environment. That means working out routes for 50 or more vehicles a day. Routes are always as short as possible to keep fuel consumptions and emissions to a minimum.

customer service at Turfonline
Sales Manager Chris Carr on hand to help

There are another team processing orders, answering questions and coordinating the harvesting and haulage teams so that every delivery is as fresh as possible.

And then, of course, there is the website maintenance team who make sure the site works efficiently and that all of your data is kept safe.

If you have any questions about turf quality and delivery times, or if you experience problems with the website. Our customer service team is here to help.

Technical Advice

If you’re not used to ordering turf online you will have a whole host of questions that you need answering. You’ll find many of the answers to your questions on our blog but if you’d prefer to talk to someone, that’s never a problem.

Ask us about

  • Types of Turf
  • Turf prices
  • How to lay turf
  • How to care for newly laid turf
  • Lawn care
  • Lawn feeding
  • Special deliveries
  • Wildflower Turf
  • Green roofing

Data security

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about breaches of data security. When you order from Turfonline you can be 100% confident that we will not pass any of your information on to 3rd parties. Neither will we contact you unless it’s directly connected to your order. Because all of your payment details are encrypted, they’re hidden from us. Our website team does everything they possibly can to make sure nothing can be “hacked”.

More about Turfonline

I hope this blog has been helpful. If you’d like to learn more about our Company our products, please follow the links below, or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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