Think for a moment about what your outdoor space does for you.

• Provides an area for relaxation, outdoor dining, exercise, childrens’ play etc.
• Is a beautiful view from your windows
• An outlet for your creativity – you set the style, the layout, the colour schemes etc.
• Practical spaces – storage for bikes and toys, somewhere to hang the washing
• Green space helps combat depression and promote wellbeing
• Plants produce oxygen and clean air for you to breath
• Helps support the ecosystems that support farming and food production

You may have areas in your garden that are rather dull and need brightening up. Or maybe the view from your upstairs window is blighted by a boring roof.

How to make your shed roof rather more interesting

Hands up if your shed has a plain, boring old roof. Maybe it’s clad in a bitumous waterproofing, maybe you have a more upmarket garden building with EPDM on the roof. Whichever it is, it MAY have the potential to be smothered with oxygen producing, wildlife supporting, plants.
Plants? on the roof? sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Well no actually, green roofs, living roofs, eco roofs, whatever you like to call them, are becoming more and more popular in the UK. You’ll find them on schools, warehouses, homes, bike sheds, garden offices and all sorts of buildings in almost every city, town and village in the whole country

Why build a green roof?

All sorts of reasons! I’m a gardener, so I would build a green roof as a way of stuffing even more plants into my garden. I’m also a beekeeper so a source of food for my “ladies” is a priority for me.

Other reasons to build a green roof include: insulation for the building, managing rainwater (flood prevention!), planning requirements, cooling the atmosphere in towns and cities, encouraging a sense of wellbeing, blending a building into the landscape….the list goes on…

How do I make a green roof?

There are lots of different ways to establish a living green roof, but if you want a quick and easy method that suits buildings like garden sheds. Never fear! Enviromat is here!

This video shows you just how easy it is to make a living green roof with Enviromat sedum matting.