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What does a wildflower patch cost?

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meadowmat wild flower turf

British wildflowers are on trend at the moment. They provide easy to care for colour and wildlife interest in gardens of all sizes. But what would it cost to create a wildflower patch in your garden?

The cost of a wildflower patch depends on the method you use to create it. The least expensive – but also the least reliable method is to sow wildflower seed onto the prepared ground. Establishing pot-grown plants from the garden centre can be costly depending on the size and type of plant you choose. But by far the most reliable and cost-effective method is to lay wildflower matting.

What is wildflower matting?

Wildflower matting, sometimes referred to as wildflower turf is a pre-grown blanket of mixed wildflower plants and grasses. Sold under the brand name “Meadowmat”, it is easy to install, smothers annual weed seeds already in your soil and can be laid at any time of year.

What you receive when you order Meadowmat looks a little bit like lawn turf. Except that the pieces are bigger and the foliage is far more textured and interesting. Once the roots have established themselves into your garden soil the plants will grow and bloom every year. Meadowmat is made up of a mix of perennial and biannual flowering plants with perhaps one or two annual species for an extra pop of colour while the perennials are maturing.

This video explains what Meadowmat is and show the best way to lay it.

Pricing your wildflower patch project

To successfully create a wildflower patch using Meadowmat we recommend that you also import some low nutrient soil. It’s not essential but on rich soil, the grasses in this product will probably grow faster than the flowering plants and eventually crowd them out.

I’m writing this article in January 2019. The price of low nutrient soil to give a 15cm depth (recommended) over an area of 5 square metres is £119.00 including VAT and Delivery

Check current prices here

How Much does Meadowmat cost?

The price per square metre for Meadowmat wildflower turf varies according to two factors

  1. The type of Meadowmat you choose
  2. The quantity you are ordering

At the time of writing, there are five types of Meadowmat. Each contains a different mixture of flowers and grasses. There’s something for every situation apart from waterlogged soils and deep shade. There’s even a Meadowmat for green roofing.

beneficiarys of wildflower turf

You will not be the only one who benefits when you invest in a wildflower patch. Insects, amphibians and small mammals like this hedgehog will make the most of it too.

The least expensive types of Meadowmat are Traditional Meadowmat and Meadowmat for Birds and Bees.

Heritage and Woodland Shade Meadowmat are specialist seed mixes and as such, they cost around £2 per square metre more

My personal favourite in terms of value for money is Cottage Garden Meadowmat.  It’s not the cheapest but it does have a long flowering period and some stunning bright coloured species within it.

You can read more about types of Meadowmat here but don’t forget that the price you see on the product description is for large orders. For smaller orders, the price per square metre will be more.

The best way to calculate the cost of Meadowmat is to visit our online shop to see a quote.

  • Choose your favourite type of Meadowmat
  • Click on the “add to basket” button
  • Adjust the quantity and click “update shopping cart”
  • You will see the full price including VAT and delivery
  • Play around with quantities a little to see if you can improve the price per square metre

See prices and order Meadowmat online

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