Wildflower turf is one of those products where it’s hard to guess at the price.  I mean, if you’re going to buy a new washing machine or a tin of paint or even a plant for the garden, you have a rough idea in your head of what the price will be.  Wildflower turf is different, how can you even begin to evaluate it?

What Is Wildflower Turf?

I can’t speak for other brands because I’ve not tried them, so this blog is based on Meadowmat Wild Flower Turf.

There are five different types of Meadowmat, all with different mixtures of native flowering plants and grasses.  All of them work on the same principal.

When somebody orders Meadowmat, they receive a carpet of mixed plants and grasses which is simply unrolled onto prepared ground and watered in.   It gives instant ground coverage, and depending on the time of year it’s laid, will often flower within weeks of being installed.

How Is Wildflower Turf Grown?

The team at Meadowmat lay a thin layer of growing medium on top of a very fine biodegradeable net.  Then they use a special technique to sow the seeds evenly on the surface.  The seeds are then covered, protected from birds, and kept watered (using a very expensive but sustainable irrigation system) until they germinate.

When the plants are strong enough, the covers are removed and the seedlings are allowed to grow unchecked under the Norfolk skies.  Irrigation continues

Nothing leaves the Meadowmat field until the plants are semi-mature and cover a good 80% of the matting.

Beneath the surface, is a densely intertwined mat of roots, all knitted together to make the mats strong and easy to handle.

Depending on the time of year they’re sown and the type of plants in the mix, it can take up to 12 months for Meadowmat to reach a good enough quality to be despatched.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

So, what you buy is around 20-30 plants per square metre of Meadowmat.  They’re strong, they’re healthy and they’re perennial – in other words they will live for many years.  (Unlike annual plants which grow from seed, flower and then die all in the same year)

mature Meadowmat in the production field.  This is the “Birds and Bees” variety

Compare the price of 10 square metres of Meadowmat to the price of buying 200 – 300 plants from the garden centre and it seems like really good value.

You’re effectively buying time too – to get the same coverage by growing these plants from seed, would take you quite a while.  And you’d need to protect the seedlings from birds, drought and cats (they like to use the soft soil as an outdoor litter tray)

So What Does Meadowmat Wildflower Turf Cost?

The Meadowmat itself costs on average between £10.50 and £15.00* per square metre excluding VAT and carriage.

*These prices were correct on 25th May 2016

The price you see on the internet includes delivery – which, because Meadowmat is perishable and needs careful handling  – actually makes up most of the price.

How To Save Money Buying Wildflower Turf

If you live within driving distance of the production unit in Norfolk, and you have enough room in your vehicle, you can collect your Meadowmat from the farm – as fresh as fresh can be.

Just phone us on 01842 828266 to get a firm quote and make the arrangements.

Freshly harvested Meadowmat wild flower turf.  You can see the root structure quite clearly in this picture.

Ordering larger quantities saves money too. A palletload of Meadowmat costs the same to transport whether it’s carrying one square metre or thirty square metres. Why not get together with a friend or neighbour and combine your orders so that you can share the delivery cost?

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