How Much Does Turf Cost?

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Just how much is a square metre of lawn turf? The answer, much like any other product out there, is that it depends on the quality.

Higher quality turf like our best-selling Jubilee lawn turf is grown on premium quality soils. It has been developed from carefully chosen grass seed species. Jubilee Lawn Turf has a dense, dark green sward that will flatter any garden design. It will suit gardens from contemporary to a cottage-style garden. They may cost a little more but often the cost per roll can be cheaper when you order a larger consignment. For example, buying Jubilee Turf to cover a 5m x 5m square works out at around £5 per square metre, whereas a 10m x 10m square batch is under £2 per square metre. The bigger the area you want to cover, the lower the cost per metre.

Read on for more information on our turf products and choosing the right one for you.

Which is the best turf for me?

With so many different types of turf available, each has its own unique specialities and qualities. Some will meet your needs, some will not.

For a family lawn or amenity landscaping, choose a turf that contains hardwearing ryegrass, like our standard Garden Lawn turf. However, if your garden suffers from a lot of shade, look instead to the Shadesman+ turf.   This mix is designed to be more shade-resistant and bring out a thicker and greener lawn.

After you’ve chosen the right product, then match the grade of turf you want to your budget. It’s always best to buy the best turf you can afford, as the quality difference is undeniable.

If you need additional help with choosing the right lawn turf for you, read our blog post for advice on choosing turf here.

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How Much Will My Turf Cost?

At TurfOnline, we’ve made it easy for you to calculate how much the amount of turf you need will cost. On our homepage, we’ve added a Quick Quote function that will calculate the total cost of your order for any product on our online store. Simply enter the product you wish to get, type in your measurements and it will automatically show you the cost per square metre and final total. Be sure to check that the unit is correct to avoid any nasty surprises, then enter your postcode to calculate your delivery cost.

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